Revelations 3:2

Strengthen What Remains.


History of United Hearts International

The roots for the UHI go back to 1988 when we first met Pastor Liberus. He was visiting a friend of ours who lived in West Elizabeth, Pennsylvania. This friend had done a radio show on a small AM radio station out of Cannonsburg, PA. His show focused on missions to Haiti with Contemporary Christian music mixed in. That show was the "hook" that got us involved.
As soon as we met Pastor Liberus, we knew that he had a special calling on his life, so we decided to support his ministry. For a number of years we sponsored a young girl in his church, but we came to feel that more support was needed. So we began to send more money on a monthly basis. This support became a bedrock for development in his church and the network that they were creating.
During the first 16 years the support network for this ministry grew modestly. Then in 1995, Rev. Liberus visited with us and proposed that we form an international group so that we could better communicate and collaborate on projects. Immediately we knew that this would be a catylist for development in his network. That was the birth of United Hearts International.


Building Projects


Food Distribution


The vision and mission of the United Hearts International are intimately tied to supporting the local churches in impoverished areas. We seek out active churches who are reaching out to their communities at large. We believe that this is the most efficient manner in which to lift people out of poverty and ignorance. Also, it is the biblical approach.
In past decades the economy in Haiti has been decimated, both by their internal strife and by the embargo imposed by the United States. In order to make sure that donations to charities / organizations like EECU are received, there are guidelines that should be followed. A private shipping service is used to ensure mail and packages arrive safely. Please read through the guidelines for donations. If you need more information please contact us today.

Monetary Donations

Please make check out to:
Eglise Evangelique des coeurs Unis
Mail Room 681
NE 167th Street
Miami Fl, 33162

All checks to this ministry should be made out to Eglise Evangelique Coeurs Unis.The banks do not recognize acronyms as valid for account verification.

If having your donations be tax deductable is a concern contact us for details.